IRS Stimulus Payment Portal

IRS Stimulus Payment Portal for Members to check and update information for payments.

For members waiting for unemployment this might be helpful to expedite their stimulus payment.

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COVID 19 Information and links

Coronavirus information updates including council-wide news and links to state-by-state summaries of resources available to all members. Stay safe, everyone, and thank you for your cooperation. 

​Please click here to find a memo issued by the UBC regarding the recently passed CARES Act.​​

See below for more information on the state and federal quarantine leave programs.

COVID-19 Federal Benefit Grid                  COVID-19 NYS Benefit Grid

 For more information on the latest updates about the Coronavirus

 Text NASnews to 855-9-NASRCC     Text NASnews to 855-962-7722

The ONLY TWO pieces of information that agents will confirm to a claimant is the date they filed their claim and the method they filed their claim (phone or web). They will NOT ask the claimant for their mother’s maiden name or their SS# or any other personal information. If they receive a call asking for this information it is a SCAM.

In remaining proactive on several hospital projects and due to the ongoing social distancing requirements, we wanted to have certifications/refreshers readily available to our membership online. Many upcoming hospital projects in addition to the 8 story Northwell Hospital in Manhasset which has already broken ground, will require all Carpenters to have OSHA 30 within the last 5 years. This project will require a significant amount of manpower and we would not want any of our members to miss out due to a lack of required certification. Please follow the registration directions by clicking here.

NYS Department of Labor Launches New Streamlined Application for New Yorkers to Apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Without Having to First Apply for Unemployment Insurance Click Here to Learn More